Bob has been doing great!

He has already gotten better. Since there is no pharmaceutical medication available, we have been putting him on the alternative remedies we talked about in our previous update on Bob – aromatherapy massages, supplements and herbal remedies. He doesn’t really like the taste of skullcap and St John’s wort, but we are adjusting him to it. He really enjoys his aromatherapy massages, and after that he gets his hangout time with us which he loves.

He enjoys snuggling with us in bed, but because he doesn’t really feel comfortable yet to roam the whole house and access our cats’ food water and litter box, we still have to pen him. Here is a pic of him chillin’ out on our bed after one of his massages –

This Wednesday, he will be seeing Dr Poon who specialises in acupuncture to see if we can explore that route towards Bob’s recovery. She quoted us a discounted rate to see him at about $20+ so we can still afford his care out of our Veterinary Fund.

Meanwhile, we see how Bob has progressed. He no longer walks dragging his hind legs. He enjoys activity a lot more than before. He can climb the second levels of his kitten pen. He can engage in play with our youngest cat Sealy –

Through our correspondence with Dr Poon we learn that if Bob was prescribed Clindamycin at James Tan and responded to that, his neuropathy is likely due to toxoplasmosis. Sort of like food poisoning for the layman term of it. During infection with toxoplasmosis, a cat can spread it to humans as it is a zoonotic infection. But after he no longer harbours the virus it is no longer infectious, as we researched and found out – so he is definitely not at risk of spreading anything to our cats, the foster cats or us humans.

We have hope that Bob will eventually become able to do more and more things and we are so happy to see him recover!

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