Last month The Water Dish donated us the range of Tiki Cat canned food, and here are our taste tests!

First off, we find Tiki Cat very suitable for new cats that arrive in our home, as well as for sickies. Because of the seafood formulas, the aroma entices stressed out cats to eat. Ingredients such as sardines are also very good for convalescing cats.

Comparing Tiki Cat to other seafood ranges of canned food such as Fussie Cat premium we like the fact that instead of jelly, it has gravy instead – so the moisture content is not only healthy, but optimal. This also means that the meat within the can is fresh and not dried out.

Tiki Cat also uses ocean caught fish and seafood and not farmed, which means that the meat is organic. If you are feeding Fussie Cat premium, for 10cents more Tiki Cat is definitely much more worth it – and yummy.

The aroma itself for all the Tiki Cat formulas is really good, and because cats base their appetites on smell, we know that aroma is an important factor.

We still prefer to feed fowl and poultry to the foster cats because it is more hypoallergenic and digestible for young kittens, but we always keep some fishy foods on hand for newcomers and sickies. Personally we prefer a few formulas over the others: Hawaiian Grill Ahi Tuna and Tahitian Grill Sardine Cutlets. Because we have had cats (even our own Slinky) that are allergic to seafood! Only a minority of cats are allergic to seafood, or fish, so if you know your cats are fine with it, do go ahead and try the entire range!

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