update on Dusky in her new home!

Hi Elaine,

I didn’t get a chance to thank you in appropriate way. Therefore, this email is to show my thanks to you. Once again, I would like to thank you for letting me meet Dusky.

Dusky was shy in the first place but she started to open up to us. She is very very manja, she will always jump into my bed and ask me to “manja” her every time I wake up in the morning. She gets along well with Butter too. She cared for Butter, when Butter was healing from her sterilization operation, Dusky will lick Butter at times. I may not know it means but it shows that Dusky really cares for Butter. They will also chase each other at times and will have “cat fights”! But i’m sure they are just playing! But they can be so playful at times and its just so so so cute to see them that way!

Dusky really changed a lot. From a shy kitten who hid behind the refrigerator when I met her for the first time to a beautiful, adorable and active kitten she is now.

Dusky loves the mini playground that I made in my room too! She loves to play with the hanging mouse! Hehe!

The attachment above are all her pictures I took ever since I adopted her. I hope you could post some of the pictures at your blog to show how Dusky is doing right now. I’m sure your readers would like to know how she’s doing as well. Once again, I thank you.


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