update on the C siblings

One of the Chervois Road kittens was adopted today! They are not officially ready for adoption yet; unfortunately they are still having post-deworming diarrhoea. We checked with our vet as it has been a while since they were dewormed on Monday, to make sure it isn’t too serious – the kittens are eating well and are on probiotics, so it seems that their digestive systems may just need some time to heal. Today their runny poo is still on, so we gave them loperamide (anti-diarrhoeal) to prevent dehydration.

Chi and James came to our foster home and didn’t mind that Cherie and her siblings have soiled bottoms, looked past it and decided to take Cherie home today!

James works from home and has kept cats all his life, and we recommended them our vet, so they can bring Cherie in for a vet check and subsequent deworming. We wrote in Cherie’s pet information sheet that this bunch of kittens had hookworms, date they were dewormed, and when to next deworm Cherie so they can refer to it and continue her deworming regime.

We will still continue Chevy, Cate, Cruiser and Cookie on probiotics and now loperamide until they get well. They have already learned to lap water on their own so their hydration level is not too bad. 

They have also learned how to deal with human contact, having had visitors cuddle them all weekend! They really know how to turn on their cute charm when visitors come by! Initially, they were scared of being handled, especially the first two days when they arrived at our place, but now they have learned to cuddle up to humans and purr and play. So socialisation-wise, they are ready for human parents! Will update again when they are well and officially ready for adoption!

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