As a kitten grows up it tends to get itself into messes such as stepping into its own poo, eating till it has ‘food-face’ or not knowing yet how to clean itself after going to the loo. In between showers, we often use wet wipes to clean the kittens we foster in lieu of a mother cat’s licking. 

What do we look for when purchasing wet wipes for daily grooming of kittens in our care? Here are some pointers:

  • Fragrance-free. We try to steer away as usually fragrance additives are synthetic and may be harmful when ingested as the kitten grooms itself. 
  • No aloe vera. Studies are mixed as to whether aloe vera is safe for cats. To play safe, we stay away from baby wipes that contain aloe vera. 
  • Texture. Some wet wipes are rough and harsh on the tender leather areas of kittens – the parts where they have the least fur – and may cause abrasions over a period of time.

So far we have 2 favourite brands of wet wipes – Kodomo and Huggies wet wipes for babies. Both are great to use and most importantly, not too expensive. 

If you would like to play safe, get wet wipes that are intended for pet use, for example Petkin Kitty Wipes.

Apart from using wet wipes to groom kittens, you can also use grooming powder – our favourite is Rudducks – to absorb smells and moisture, and then brushing it out with a bristle brush. You can also use cornstarch as grooming powder, or use baby powders that are made of cornstarch. Grooming and brushing with powder can be done after using a wet wipe to clean the kitten of any soiling.

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