One of our student volunteers from last year, Hazrul, found an abandoned kitten in a cardboard box near a 7-11 outlet in Ubi zone 3. This happened on Sunday evening, and he brought the kitten over to our foster home for help.

Seven is a local tabby male kitten about 6 weeks old. Obviously abandoned because he looks well and healthy and food was placed in the cardboard box that he was found in. Likely borne of a house cat that is not neutered. There is only a small bunch of cats not neutered in that area of Ubi – very feral cats that are hidden way inside a very large substation (hence un-trappable), and the kittens born inside that substation are weak and don’t survive long. Seven is obviously not one of those kittens. He definitely had mother’s milk up to the point he was thrown out.

He has been dewormed, and is now penned together with Wine and Curry and learning how to eat, drink and use the litter box from them.

Unfortunately he isn’t really keen on eating dry food on its own, so we mix the kibbles into canned food combined with supplements and he has learned to eat that. Will be slowly getting him to eat just moistened dry food and eventually kibble on its own so that he can be more independent when adopted. Meanwhile, here are some of his pics –

Perpetual ‘I’m feeling emo’ face!

White socks on his hind legs, mid-length tail

Seven’s arrival has capped our maximum boarding capacity at 11 foster cats. So apt, 7-11!

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