Adopt: Wine, Curry and Dempsey

The 3 orphaned kittens rescued from Dempsey Road are now 6 weeks old and ready for adoption!

Dempsey, Wine and Curry, 3 red tabby local kittens, came to us when they were 3 weeks old because they were separated from their mother.

Folks in Dempsey separated this mom from her kittens
At 3 weeks old, needed bottle-feeding

They struggled through poor appetite, flu’ symptoms, eye irritation, intestinal worms and diarrhoea these past 3 weeks, and are now a-okay and healthy!

From left: Wine, Curry and Dempsey

They are now 6 weeks old, litter trained, dewormed, able to drink water from a bowl on their own, and on Solid Gold Indigo Moon dry food (slightly moistened).


Wine is the bigger sized of the two girls. She has the reddest colouring amongst them, and has a long tail. She is confident and intelligent, and a natural leader – likely to be the mischievous sort too, as all smart kitties are!

An independent girl

She is the sort who marches up to our own cats and says hello with a nose-tap –

Going to say hello to our cat Sealy
Wine (left) and Curry, the sisters

Curry is the lighter coloured of the two girls. She also has a long tail. Her personality is the polar opposite of her sister Wine. She is quiet, agreeable, and likes affection and companionship. A lap-cat in the making.

Pretty cream-red colouring

Always OK with being handled, purr!

Has a sweet smile, a demure kitty
Dempsey next to his sister Wine

Dempsey is the boy kitty amongst the three. He has a cute bobtail, white socks on his paws and white fur on his chin and neck like an inverted mask.

His cute white paws

He loves to talk to us, a chatty kitty!

Meow! Talk to ME!

Update 20 Feb 2011: Dempsey has been adopted

To adopt either Wine, Curry or Dempsey, please see right side bar for more information on how to adopt or read here.

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