Adopt: Woody and Lana

These 2 siblings rescued from Woodlands are now ready for adoption! Born in a void deck amongst rusty bicycles to a recently abandoned female cat, they came to our foster home and are now looking for forever homes to go to!



Both are now 11 weeks old. They have been dewormed, given their first booster vaccination, vet-checked and certified healthy, with no symptoms of illness, and on Revolution. Litter-trained, and able to eat dry food (Solid Gold Indigo Moon) and drink water on their own.

Woody, the boy, is a tabby with a mid-length tail. He is independent, a bit headstrong, active and quite vocal when he wants to talk about something (like how he hates the blow-dryer after baths!)

Lana, the girl, is black with a cute white spot under her chin; mid-length tail. She is the affectionate, purring sort, quiet and easy-going. A very sweet girl and a lap-cat in the making.

Both of them are playful and love their toys or play-hunting with each other. They also get along well with other cats.

Here are more pics of the two!

Lana –

“Me likes strokes and pets! Purr~”

“I like lounging around. Am couch cat.”
“I can climb this?”

Woody –

“Yes Lana you can climb this!”

A curious kitty!

“Yes I know I has handsome tabby face.”

Both of them can play on their own or with each other – they are quite independent but wouldn’t mind a kitty playmate of any age. More pictures of them below, courtesy of Furry Photos:

Lounging Lana – 

Playful Woody –

Lana and Woody playing together –

To adopt Woody or Lana, see right side-bar under ‘How to adopt’ or read here.

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