another feeding round at Bendemeer Blk 45 colony of strays

The substation

Today we revisited the substation cats we are going to trap for neutering next Wednesday night 16 Feb. We wanted to get to know the cats a bit more so we can conduct the trapping more easily.

Canned food served on a cardboard to dispose after

We counted about 14 mature entire cats today! Seems that about 4 more cats come from other locales to the substation area to eat. Likely males, and all black. We will focus on neutering the other 10 cats this Wednesday first. 

Only one of the cats can be handled and is friendly enough – we call him Bob because he really looks like Bob!

Food first, then friends (what? no Fussie Cat?)

“OK I will come hang out nearer you today.”

Woo chin rub!

Rolls over – a sign that a cat trusts us
And, can hug!

The other cats are skittish and while some don’t mind eating in our presence, others waited till we hid behind bushes before coming out to eat, and all of them scatter when we go too near. Here are some pictures of the other cats.

This cat eats A LOT! And slowly. And asks for more.
This cat hissed at us, hid behind fence, came out after awhile
This cat has a limp, likely from old car accident
Saw this cat for first time tonight, an old fighter type
A playful baby-faced kitten, ready to neuter
A cat that looks like our Scooter!
Beautiful calico cat
On left: a scaredy ticked tabby who came out much later

We also managed to touch base with the maid employed by the feeder, and her friend – the cats here are fed around 10 pm daily by them. We told them about us neutering the cats on Wednesday, the cats returning on Friday to the same locale, and also not to feed the cats on Wednesday itself. They told us there is another feeder (the one responsible for littering during feeding around these few blocks) who feeds at 12 midnight daily. We asked them to pass the message to this feeder if possible. We also left our namecard with them. We aim to arrive before 10 pm on Wednesday so that in case of any miscommunication there won’t be any feeding done for this colony before they are trapped.

We saw the two small kittens today again – but they are not very sociable, especially the black one; they are both at the age past the ideal socialisation period, so we likely will leave them at their territory unless one of them accidentally enters the humane traps on Wednesday. Cats that have been trapped once cannot be released again, else they will shun trapping in future which will make it hard to neuter them. This general rule is true for nursing mothers and kittens.

By the way, want to know how cat-friendly are the residents here? You be the judge –

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