Appeal for donations-in-kind for boarding supplies

We need to lower our boarding expenses without compromising on standard of care for all the rescue cats we foster. Do consider if you can help us with the following donations-in-kind.

Cat food: You can consider donating cat food at discounted rates via The Water Dish, which will deliver the food supplies you donate through them right to our doorstep, or opt to purchase and deliver food (grain-free dry food, chicken or fowl/poultry canned food formulas, kitten milk powder) for our boarding cats on your own.

Other high-frequency usage expensed boarding items you can consider giving as donations-in-kind:

  • Disinfectant solution – Dettol or hospital-grade disinfectant which we add to all detergents used in cleaning the boarding cats’ possessions and foster lounge.
  • Toilet bleach (Kiwi, Harpic etc.) for washing litter boxes, pens and carriers.
  • Kitchen paper towels – used for spot-cleaning pens, cleaning kitty messes.
  • Baking soda for managing litter box odours and stain removal.
  • Drain cleaner solutions for clearing drains clogged with cat fur.
  • Large carrier-type plastic bags for disposing soiled litter down the chute.
  • Feliway products – we use a diffuser in the foster lounge that needs refills, spray bottles of Feliway for litter-training free-roaming kittens.
  • Catnip spray – used in boarding pens, pillows, blankets, toys, scratchers and carriers to give boarding cats a calm and happy environment to live in.
  • Revolution Pink – for flea and mite prevention or outbreak.

We thank you in advance for your gifts! We are also indebted to all who gave us boarding supplies as donations in 2010 – they were invaluable.

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