Bob, the nerve disorder kitty in our foster home, is going for his second acupuncture session with Dr Poon this coming Tuesday.

These past 2 weeks since his last visit to Dr Poon, Bob has begun to resist his supplements. Apparently, skullcap, which is part of his herbal remedy, is very yucky tasting, not even adding glucose seems to help. So far we have tried mixing his herbal remedy with food – he started to shun in shortly after, even with fishy foods like TikiCat. We then tried to syringe him with them, mixed with water or food, but he foams up and doesn’t swallow the herbal tinctures within. His legs are now strong enough to kick us too, when we try to syringe him. So we tried using the dropper that comes with the herbal tinctures, so that whatever does go into his system is concentrated. It has so far worked best. Before we tried the dropper-direct-from-bottle technique, we gave him a holiday off having to be force fed supplements. While his physical recovery continued to be on the uptrend, he was more mopey and played with our Sealy less when he was off his herbal supplements. We now use the dropper from the bottle of liquid skullcap and St John’s Wort. His supplements of magnesium is in liquid form too, so we use the dropper on that as well. His Vitamin B supplements come in a small capsule so we use a pill popper to feed him that. Now that he back on his supplements he is romping and running about the house with Sealy once again.

His aromatherapy massages are now focused on his neck. His whole body remains quite stiff but his motor control is really improving a lot now. He still can’t land on his feet all the time, but he can climb more: he really enjoys lounging on our sofa which he climbs up to all by himself without having to scratch it.

He is now a full free-roaming kitten in our house, hanging out with our cats, eating their food and drinking from their water-fountain. We haven’t witnessed him going to the litter boxes yet but have introduced him to the one that is in the foster lounge and he seems to know it’s a toilet and started digging in it. We have closed the door to his pen (and placed new inhabitants Dempsey and siblings in it) so he is adapting to using the litter boxes around the house instead of the one in the pen. Will have to keep stalking him to make sure he uses the litter boxes around the house, otherwise he is already a full-fledged free-roaming foster kitten in the house.

His acupuncture sessions are likely to be weekly and we believe his recovery will continue to be on the upswing. Soon he will be on the market for a permanent home that will love him forever!

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