Cute Bobbycat went for his review consult and second acupuncture session with Dr Poon today.

On a cab to meet Dr Poon

Dr Poon observed that his motor control and muscle stiffness have improved significantly. The supplements and herbal remedies have definitely helped.So have the daily aromatherapy massages. We are amazed by the progress Bob has made!

We had a 10 minute acupuncture session. Bob is getting so strong that restraining him throughout the session was hard! The acupuncture needles were supposed to be in him for 15 minutes but he could only endure 10 minutes, shaking off a couple of needles along the way, raking my arms with his feet hard.

Some beauty scratches from Bob

He was also given a TCM herb called Epimedium, which he needs to take 1/8 teaspoon of once a day. That is going to be a challenge for us! Much drool to wipe since he hates the taste of herbs. Dr Poon believes this should make a further significant difference in his recovery.

Epimedium, TCM herb

His next session with Dr Poon will be in 2 weeks’ time. After which if he has improved much further, he will be ready for a new home. Dr Poon consulted for Bob today pro bono again, we are much grateful!

I asked Dr Poon about the possibility of giving him booster jabs before he goes to his new home (we are implementing booster jabs for foster kittens 2 months and older before they go to their new homes) and she advised that he would need a smaller dose of the vaccination compared to other kittens. We will arrange for his booster jab before he is available for adoption.

Bob has managed to explore every part of the house but his favourite place is our sofa. 

Bob’s favourite lounging place

He doesn’t really want to use our cats’ litter boxes or the foster lounge one often for some reason – may be height or unwillingness to share, so we have given him the Suite to use as a pen and let him out after he has used the box. He was withholding going to the loo for a while when he was completely free-roaming and he also had a few ‘accidents’ outside the box. So he is now back to being penned so he can access the litter box more frequently. We have also just run out of Feliway (have ordered from the supplier already for the year) so it may be another reason why Bob went to pee at odd locations a couple of times. So in the meanwhile, Bob has the biggest pen in our foster home to use. For company our Sealy sometimes visits or joins him in his pen.

Just some information if you are thinking of adopting Bob, a special-needs kitten: he does not require any veterinary medicine so he does not need to go to the vet frequently when he gets better. We will decant some of his herbs and supplements to be administered at his new home if he still needs them by then. He doesn’t need help climbing or landing anymore, so he can be left at home safely and does not need to be carried everywhere. He also may benefit from having a pen, and a shallow litter tray for his own use. When he is ready for adoption we will share on his state of recovery at that time so you can make an informed decision. Bob will need a special human to be his permanent family and you may be the one!

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