Bob’s vet-check and vaccination today, and more good news!

 Bob waiting outside the vet

A lot of meow-protests were involved but we got Bob to the vet again today, this morning with help from volunteer Afandy (who helped carry the pet carriers and took the picture above).

After some planning with the vets over the past couple of weeks, Bob got his first kitten booster vaccination today. He was given a lower dose, half the normal kitten dosage, due to him being a previously sick kitty. He will need to be monitored after this vaccine and if any adverse side-effects or allergic reactions occur he has to go back for a review.

He saw Dr Chong who consulted for Bob for the first time today. He was given a review check-up – he is really doing good, did a nice cat-walk around the examination room. He is however having a bit of inflamed gums and lymph nodes possibly because he is growing out his adult teeth. It should subside when the teething period is over.

Dr Chong’s opinion is that his nerve damage is definitely more likely due to toxoplasmosis when he was young, than a genetic abnormality, in line with what Dr Poon agrees with. Seems that Dr Hsu’s original prognosis of it being likely genetic and incurable is less likely to be true, and that is good news!

We also discussed with Dr Chong regarding Bob’s sterilisation. Neutering should be done at 6 months old and Bob is almost that age. But we worry if he is able to withstand surgery, anaesthesia, right now. Dr Chong advises that Bob should be sterilised slightly later than normal kittens, perhaps delay it by another 2-3 months so that he is stronger for it. He should have no problem with anaesthesia as a whole.

Here is today’s veterinary expense incurred by Bob:

$32.10 – vaccine & check up

If you would like to sponsor Bob’s vaccination (the amount reflected in the bill above) do let us know.

Just a quick update on Bob: At our foster home he is a fully free-roaming kitten now, able to use our cats’ litter box well, which he previously wasn’t entirely keen on (though he still doesn’t like to use the litter box in the foster lounge – doesn’t like covered litter boxes at all). His muscular stiffness is completely okay and he no longer needs massages. He was getting very phobic about taking his nutraceutical and herbal supplements, so we gradually weaned him off them and monitored his progress without them. He had taken a ‘supplement holiday’ before and didn’t do too well that previous time, but now, this time around, he is totally okay without the supplements. He can climb very well now, just can’t always land on his feet. He probably won’t need further regular acupuncture sessions either, he is doing so good now. All this reduction of necessary care is good news because it means he is graduating from being a special-needs kitty to becoming adoptable!

Will be monitoring Bob after his first booster jab to see if he reacts well to it, and also re-confirm with Dr Poon if he needs a final acupuncture session.

Once he is in the clear – Bob will be available for adoption!

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