Dempsey kitties – 2nd round of deworming…

Wine, Curry and Dempsey were due for their 6 week old deworming round this upcoming Monday, but they were already showing symptoms of worms again. They were a bit lacklustre, starting to have soft poo, and appetite declining again. So they got dewormed today slightly ahead of schedule.

After deworming they had a shower – they still get food stains on their faces! Curry and Dempsey were showing signs of eye irritation perhaps from food bits getting in eyes. They are being applied Ilium Opticin eye medication which eases itchiness and irritation. Their runny poo was also staining their behinds so they needed the shower!

Here they are post-shower and blowdry, hanging out on our bed.

Dempsey boy

Wine girl

Curry girl

Hanging out together on a kitty bed

Dempsey and his white paws!

Having itchy eyes… squint!

Curry having itchy eyes too

Wine, the most confident of the 3

Dempsey falling asleep…

Okay, he fell asleep…
Curry piles on top and sleeps too

Wine snoozing by her cute self

Wine is the biggest of the lot, and the reddest! She is very smart, and confident. Likely to be alpha female of any household! Dempsey loves to talk. He replies with cute meows when you talk to him or blink at him. He has a bobtail and cute white socks. Curry is the one who loves cuddles and purrs. She is more cream in colour than red.

They are still in the midst of learning to eat dry food on its own without being moistened with warm water. Wine has no problem chewing kibble but the other two prefer moistened food.

They will be fully ready for adoption once they know how to eat dry food on its own, when their runny poo firms up, and when Dempsey and Curry’s eye irritation clears up. Fingers crossed for firm poo soon! (And greedy appetites once again!)

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