We have a new kitty pen! So far we have the Penthouse – a multilevel pen, the Suite – for bigger cats, and now we have the ICU. The ICU is meant for sick or orphaned kittens, as we have inserted a electric heating mat.

The cage itself was donated by Zoukie and Sam’s adopter who rescued the Dempsey kittens. Sam (now Lenny) used to use it when he was younger but has now outgrown it.

At the base of the pen we have an electric heating mat, the kind used in spas for massages. The heating mat was donated by Andy’s business associate Eric, whose wife owns Be Forever Beauty spa in Bedok.

Here it is as we set it up:

The ICU on top of the Suite pen

The heating mat, folded to size

Another fleece blanket tucked over the mat
The control for the mat with temperature settings
Tada! Kitten ICU pen
Optional second level with ramp and litter tray

Goodbye to hot water bottles that need constant refilling, reheatable pillows needing constant microwaving, and using carriers as pens for orphan kittens!

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