#pawcircle Curry fell ill, hospitalised

Yesterday, little 7 week old Curry became very ill suddenly – body temperature dropped, no appetite, weak, dehydrated. All the symptoms of Fading Kitten Syndrome, very worrying because she has been the runt amongst her siblings all this time and FKS is almost always a killer.

Both she and Wine had constipation a couple of days ago – we administered Mylanta and probiotics and gave them herbal remedies consisting of slippery elm bark, burdock root and alfalfa. Wine showed much improvement and is no longer constipated and is still viable for adoption, but Curry did not improve much. We informed their prospective adopter (visiting us tomorrow) that only Wine is adoptable and that Curry needed further rehabilitation.

We administered first aid by warming her up with blankets and a hot water bottle. Gave her glucose water. Syringe-fed her milk. Supplemented her with CoQ10. Her body temperature stabilised and her dehydration improved but she remained weak. She started soiling herself with pee and poo. Her poo was a strange colour, a greyish brown. We brought her to the vet today.

When we reached the vet – it had just opened – we immediately informed the staff that Curry needed emergency attention and she was brought straightaway to the ward for IV fluids.

We got to see Dr Chong when it was our turn, and she examined Curry. Curry’s bladder was full – Dr Chong helped her eliminate her urine; this was strange because prior to falling this ill Curry had been using the litter box well. There is no urinary tract blockage so it may not be UTI. Dr Chong also did a fecal examination, but there are no parasites, worm eggs and such in Curry’s fecal matter. Her constipation had more or less cleared up so there was no major obstruction in her lower digestive tract, but she was given an enema just in case.

We opted to hospitalise Curry for a day so she can be more intensively monitored, be on fluid therapy.

Will report when we hear from the vet.

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