Preparing for Adoption from us

If your family is about to adopt a cat from us, here are the things that you will be provided with and what you will need to prepare.

Before your visit, items you will need to purchase are a litter box, and food and water bowls. For adoption of older kittens, it is advised that you also prepare a pet carrier.

Set aside the space you will be using as the main feeding and litter box point, preferably a smaller confined area like a spare room, empty bathroom or cat pen to integrate your new cat to your house and other pets if any.

Mesh any open windows, cover all access points to the outside such as the main gate and balconies. Take pictures of it on your phone to show it to us when you visit.

When you adopt, you will be given a jar of the cat’s current food, and a bag of litter. It is advised that you stick to the same food and litter that your cat is used to to prevent digestive upset or stress.

Most of our cats are on Taste of the Wild dry food and Addiction Brushtail canned food.

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