This is Palette, rescued by Bee. He is an 8 week old red and white male kitten.

Just woke up from catnap…

Palette was discovered by Bee at her workplace in Ang Mo Kio, near the loading/unloading bay. Apparently a stray cat had gone within the building and given birth there, likely to just this one kitten as none else were sighted.

It was an alarming place to discover little Palette boy because he was happily roaming around the place where there were forklifts and wooden pallets being stored and moved around. There have been many incidents everywhere that cats get crushed by heavy machinery and crates of goods, so Bee immediately got Palette out of that dangerous area and called us for help.

We wondered if we could accommodate Palette at first because Woody and Lana had just arrived today, so stress levels would be elevated. In the end, Bee suggested bringing Palette over to see if he could get along with Lana and Woody and if so, we would let him stay. He immediately warmed up to his new pen mates, cuddling with them, and Woody, the outgoing one, also decided that Palette could stay.

Palette looks healthy overall, no fleas or mites, but hasn’t been eating the entire day. Hopefully it is just stress from being moved around and his appetite picks up tomorrow. Bee gave us some fishy-smelling food – Fussie Cat Premium – and we hope to tempt him to eat soon. Will monitor his progress and health and update once he is ready for adoption!

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