Round 1 TNRM at Blk 45 Bendemeer Road

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It seems that each time we come to this stray cat colony, more entire cats are sighted. Today we saw about 16 to 18 cats tonight. We managed to trap 8 tonight for neutering tomorrow and release back to the same place on Friday.

Blk 45 car park, corner of substation

Transferring a cat from trap to carrier

We tried to extend our trapping area to beyond the group of cats that hang out at the substation itself, and went over to the other corner of the car park as well. There is another feeding point there, though fewer cats hang out there.

Other end of car park, near terrace houses

It was also challenging to sight the cats and try to trap them because a lot of them hid underneath cars and scurried between them. There is another feeder that feeds at 12 midnight who places plates of food under the cars, which makes it comfortable for the cats to hang out underneath.

Humane trap placed between cars

Of the 8 cats trapped tonight, there were a couple we met for the first time tonight. Some of them are males that only stopped by to eat and had roamed from beyond the car park. Male stray cats that are not neutered have wider roaming territories and only stay at any place long enough to rest and feed; they are driven by their urge to mate to roam as wide an area as possible. Throughout the trapping session tonight, we heard a lot of cat fights occurring. A second round is needed to trap the remaining cats so that resident complaints can be prevented. Meanwhile, here are the 8 we trapped tonight. 

Tabby/white Bob lookalike




Tricoloured (fierce girl)

Ticked tabby (male)



Will update on when we will be conducting the second round of TNRM for this colony. We missed out on 1 orange cat, 1 tabby/white, 1 calico, 2 black/white, 4 black cats, 1 brown cat and possibly more. Here is one of the cats that we missed out on – he escorted us as we left Bendemeer! –

Mehhroo! Don’t go!

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