Wine & Seven – 2 new best friends – got adopted together!

Fiza wrote to us last Sunday about her family wanting to adopt Wine and her siblings, sharing with us their answers to our adopters’ questionnaire. At that time, Dempsey had already been adopted by May’s family, and only Wine and Curry were available. Unfortunately, before Fiza could visit, Curry passed away suddenly from FKS.

Fiza’s family still wanted to adopt a pair of kittens so that one would always have another kitty playmate. Currently, Wine’s new best friend is Seven – they share a pen together. Seven is quite attached to Wine, meowing like crazy if we just take Wine out for a while to groom. So he will be going to a forever home together with her!

Wine & Seven in Fiza’s arms

Because Seven is still not yet entirely independent in eating dry food on his own, we instructed his new humans that he would need to be fed kibbles moistened with canned food regularly. Fiza’s mom would be in charge of feeding them their canned food when Fiza is not around. Wine is still nursing an on-and-off bout of constipation and would definitely need veterinary care provided for her.

Also, because these two best friends are a male-female pair, we strictly instructed that Wine will need to be neutered slightly earlier at 5+ months old – female kittens come into heat earlier when there is a male cat living with them.

Fiza’s family will be bringing Wine and Seven home next week when they have gotten their basic items ready. They initially wanted to come for the adoption visit only after the logistics at home were fully prepared but there were already other prospective adopters waiting in line to adopt Wine, so they came as soon as they could to visit, decide and confirm the adoption!

In the meantime, we will nurse Wine’s constipation with medication and supplements and she is due for her next round of deworming this coming Monday, so we will be administering that. We advised Fiza’s family – both her and her mom will be coming to collect Wine and Seven – to bring the kittens home as soon as possible, so that they can get them to the vet, and we can finally free up our resources to tend to the other rescues.

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