Woody and Lana rescued from… Woodlands!

Yurni, one of our blog readers, went to visit a family member at Woodlands Blk 688D, Dr 75 recently, and encountered a litter of kittens hiding amongst some rusty bicycles and other human strewn debris in the void deck.

She noticed that the kittens had a mother, and she was new to the block; Yurni had never seen her before. While she was there observing the kittens, she ran into someone who had been feeding this litter of kittens daily. The feeder confirmed that the mother cat was sighted here only recently. The only unsterilised cats roaming this void deck were 2 male cats so this young mother was a definite newcomer –

Mother cat, beautiful silver shaded tabby

The story was that this mother cat was recently abandoned, and subsequently gave birth in the void deck. She had a litter of 5, but 2 of the kittens had gone missing (adopted?) and there were 3 of them remaining – 2 black ones and 1 silver tabby.

Their nest was among debris in void deck

So Yurni set about helping to solve the problem together with the feeder. They arranged for a cat boarder for the mother cat and for her sterilisation – the kittens are about 10 weeks old now, so mother cat is no longer lactating. The mother cat will be returned to the block’s void deck after her neutering. The cat feeder decided to adopt 1 of the kittens, a black one. Remaining 2 were Lana and Woody, and Yurni contacted us to help foster, rehabilitate and find homes for them.They arrived today.

Woody and Lana

Initially we wanted to pen Woody and Lana with Dempsey and sisters in the Penthouse as from the pictures we discerned they were about the same age, but when they arrived it turns out they are older, about 10 weeks old. Yurni fostered them last night (because she knew we weren’t home yesterday, out at Bendemeer) and she mentioned that they were playful, romping-about kittens, so they definitely needed a bigger space to themselves. The only pen that would suit them is the Suite which is bigger than the Penthouse. But Bob is using it when he is not roaming the house because he was previously finding it hard to use the litterboxes in the house. Bob wasn’t very keen on sharing his Suite though with Woody and Lana and scared the two little ones a bit, so we ‘evicted’ Bob and will try to get him used to be a fully free-roaming foster kitten once again. He is getting even more mobile now as his recovery is on a trajectory, so this time round the litter box issue should be easier to resolve.

Before we got them used to their new boarding pen we gave them the mandatory shower and flea-and-mite check. All clear!

Woody being dried with a chamois towel

Woody is a real garang cowboy who resisted the blowdryer a lot and made his hatred for the hairdryer very strongly by kicking, scratching and wailing.

Lana on the other hand is a very sweet girl (she has a cute white spot under her chin!) and was very submissive. She has teary eyes so we got them cleaned and applied with Ilium Opticin. It doesn’t look like the flu’, likely mild dehydration or eye irritation.

Now they are safely hanging out in the Suite and just tucked into a meal of TikiCat tuna – Lana was the first to get started on the food! We will observe them for a while and see if they have any other signs of sickness other than Lana’s teary eyes. So far Yurni recounted to us that they have been pooping well, are active and have appetite to eat food, so they should do okay. They will then be sent for their vaccination booster jabs and will be ready for adoption!

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