1st round of TNRM at Eunos Crescent – Friday Mar 18 – 830pm

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Our current Sterilisation Fund stands at $1,490 – just a tad shy of our target of $1,675 for Eunos Crescent – BIG thank you to all who gave generously! We have enough to start the TNRM project at Eunos Crescent for at least 3 rounds of trapping now.

First round of trapping begins tomorrow at Blk 25 at 8:30pm. After trapping and neutering the cats at Blk 25, we will be relocating some of the cats to other less cat-populated blocks nearby. Residents who complained about the stray cat situation at Blk 25 have been invited to join us for tomorrow’s trapping as well. We aim to complete neutering all the cats at Blk 25 within the month of March which will necessitate 2 rounds of trapping.

For Blks 1 and 1A, we will be doing the TNRM in April, also at least 2 rounds of trapping necessary.

Thereafter, Eunos Crescent’s stray cat colonies will no longer be in critical need and will be easier for the caregivers to manage. You made it happen!

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