2nd round of TNRM at Eunos Crescent

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We went to Eunos Crescent Blk 25 and the adjacent Blk 24 on Thursday 24 March at 10pm to do another round of trapping for the stray cat colonies there. Here is the report on the TNRM.

On Thursday night itself, we trapped a total of 10 cats. 4 cats from in front of Blk 25, 2 cats from behind Blk 25, and 4 cats from Blk 24.

We started at Blk 25 and trapped 4 cats from there.

The black cat that eluded us the first round of TNRM

3 of the cats that we trapped at Blk 25 were quite skinny and 1 had an abscess around her abdomen which the vet attended to since it was at the surgical opening site. We returned these 3 cats to the same block after neutering and post-surgery boarding. The fourth cat was relocated to another block. Here are the 4 cats we neutered from in front of Blk 25.

Ginger – relocated to Blk 12

Tricolour – had abscess


Black (from picture above)

There are 2 more cats here that we know of that are not neutered. One of them was trapped the first round of neutering but the vet suspects FIV and that the cat would not survive surgery, so he was returned without surgery. Another has a nerve disorder that we knew of, and so we only fed her and did not trap her at all. There is another black and white cat that we kept on missing out on, it kept on going out of our sight – this cat does not hang out directly under the block so we hope it will go elsewhere and not contribute to the nuisances that unsterilised cats cause especially at complaint-prone Blk 25. 

Behind the block’s substation, facing the industrial estate, we trapped 2 ginger cats. One of them had a bad fight-related wound around his neck which the vet also attended to at no extra expense. They were returned to the same site after neutering as well.

Ginger male with fight wound


At Blk 24, we trapped 4 cats. One of them is an abandoned cat with a collar. Turns out that she is already neutered upon inspection at the vet, so she was sedated and given an ear-tip. The other 3 cats were neutered and ear tipped as well and returned to Blk 24. All the cats we spotted the other night we recced the carpark in between the 2 blocks hung out at the void deck that night, probably waiting for their feeder – who according to instruction did not show up to feed that night so we could trap the cats.

Adjacent block 24
Cats hung out at void deck that night

In the midst of trapping

These are the 4 cats we trapped from Blk 24 –

Abandoned tabby
Red colourpoint male

3 legged tabby/white

Tabby/white, was hiding under car

The total expense for Thursday’s TNRM was $445.

The next TNRM rounds at Eunos Crescent will be at Blks 1 and 1A in April. Will report when the dates are planned.

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