Junie passed away around noon today.

Ever since she arrived, she had been weak and small in size. We syringe-fed her until she knew how to eat on own, and placed her with foster mother Mary Lou. Mary Lou treated Junie as one of her own, grooming her and allowing her to suckle. But she continued to be a runt and sported a perpetual third eyelid which we had to medicate daily. Despite it all, she was still active and sported no other symptoms of illness. After deworming her at 4 weeks old, she showed signs of hookworm infection which might have been the cause of her passing. 

Mary Lou’s own kittens, Bamboo, Barley and Berry, are doing well, and have started experimenting with solid food and at the water bowl. Junie’s siblings, Joey and Wes, have already been weaned from Mary Lou’s milk and are eating well and growing by the day – though they still have post-deworming diarrhoea (no blood in poo) and have yet to learn eating kibbles or how to use the litter box entirely.

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