Adopt little kitties! Kit [Wes and Joey have been adopted]

Update 17 May 2011: More pictures of Joey and Kit here.

3 good friends are looking for forever homes! Read on to find out more about their abandonment and rescue, kitty-bios, and how you can adopt them.

Joey and Wes (adopted)

Their rescue and rehabilitation:
Joey and Wes are 2 of 3 kittens found abandoned at a trash can below a flat in Jurong West when they were just over 3 weeks of age. At the time, they were too young to eat on their own, and needed to be fed milk. They also showed symptoms of flu’, and were flea-infested. We de-fleaed them and started their rehabilitation. We hand-fed them with kitten milk and supplements and treated their flu’ with medication and herbal flu’ remedy – and their flu’ symptoms cleared up within a couple of days. Then we got a nursing stray cat, Mary Lou who is temporarily boarding with us, to foster them so they could get mother’s milk’s antibodies and colostrum, while introducing solid food to them at the same time. Joey and Wes learned to eat first, and eventually we weaned them off mother’s milk gradually, leaving their third sibling Junie with their foster mom for longer because she was still very weak and needed special care. Junie did not survive despite having a foster mother’s milk: she was the runt and had remained weak. Joey and Wes did not suffer any similar symptoms as Junie did before she faded, were already in a separate pen, and they got healthier by the day.

Joey and Wes then got litter-trained – which took a while, but they finally got it. We tried to train them to learn to eat dry food on its own too and it took some time but they finally got used to eating dry food independently and are eating Solid Gold Indigo Moon.

Their personalities and physical traits:
Joey is a really smart girl, enjoys cuddles and being held, and is outgoing in nature. She is also very easy-going and gets along well with other cats. She is tabby and white and has a long tail. She bears resemblance to Oriental cats as she is lanky and has big pointy ears. She is now 5 weeks old.

Sweet Joey
Joey’s tabby markings
Has Oriental eyes and ears, and a sweet smile!

Wes is bigger in size than Joey, being male, and is also tabby and white, but with more tabby colouring and with mackerel tabby markings. He is affectionate and loves to cuddle, likes to talk, and is also more active and playful than Joey who is less needy and more independent. Wes is curious too – loves to explore new things. He gets along very well with Kit – her story below – and they both like to meow for food together.

Wes, curious about the camera
Has white paws and white inverted mask
Exploring our bed

Wes at 8 weeks old taken by Furry-Photos

Like tummy rubs

Wes was adopted the same day this picture was taken


Her rescue and rehabilitation:
Kit was found abandoned outside a restaurant in Joo Chiat, meowing away. The strays in that neighbourhood are all sterilised so Kit is definitely an abandoned offspring of a house cat. She showed no symptoms of illness except for intestinal worms. We penned her with Joey and Wes and they soon became firm friends. She immediately learned to use the litter box well! We dewormed her the day after she came, when she was 4 weeks old. Then we tried to get Kit to eat dry food on its own, which took a while, but now she knows how to eat kibbles independently, also eating Solid Gold Indigo Moon like Joey and Wes.

Her personality and physical traits:
Kit is a tricoloured girl – white, cream and tabby grey – with a long tail and round eyes. She is very vocal, active and loves to climb and run. She is very close to her pen mates Joey and Wes and meows for them whenever she is separated from them. She is currently 6 weeks old.

Active and always looking for something to do
Grooming self after her shower
Round eyes, Oriental ears

Kit at 9 weeks old taken by Furry Photos

Kit’s beautiful tricolouring

Greedy Kit

Eating treat midway

How to adopt Joey, Wes or Kit

Read our Adoption Agreement, Adoption Fees and Adopters’ Questionnaire. Then email or call us ( / 90880675) with answers to the Adopters’ Questionnaire. After that, we can then arrange a visit for you and your family to visit the kittens at our foster home in Ubi.

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