Palette’s rescue story:
Palette’s mom is a stray cat that went amongst some wooden crates and forklifts in a building at Ang Mo Kio to give birth, to just him. Bee, who works at the building, was very alarmed to see a small kitten playing in a dangerous area where he could be crushed or rolled over by the wooden pallets and forklifts and other dangerous machinery. She rescued him and brought him to our place.

Palette’s rehabilitation: 
Although Palette was already 8 weeks old when he came to us, he was not interested in solid food, he had no appetite, and he was very lethargic –

When Palette first arrived at our foster home

We had to hand-feed him to make sure he got his nutrition and hydration. But be it bottle or syringe, he drank very little. We dewormed him and got him on Lysinium Max to boost his appetite.

Meanwhile he suffered from separation anxiety and missed his mom, meowing a lot for her. We diffused lavender and neroli essential oils in our foster lounge so he would feel better.

A few days later, he turned around and got better. He began eat solid food – canned Addiction Brushtail with milk, then with kibbles of Solid Gold Indigo Moon mixed in. Eventually he got his appetite and started eating, playing with Lana and Woody, and using the litter box. We brought him for his booster jab and vet check up.

The vet check declared Palette healthy! But after his vaccination, we were advised to monitor him for about a week to make sure his health remained on the upswing. He got a bit lethargic after the jab – very normal for many cats – but as of yesterday he officially perked up and is no longer lethargic, now bright and vocal as usual.

After his vaccination, we put him on supplements to help his immune system build up. He is also now on Revolution and is flea, tick and mite free. 

He also graduated to learning how to drink water on his own and eat dry food as is – quite an important skill for our foster kittens to have in case they go to a home with a busy owner.

Palette’s personality:
Now 10 weeks old, this red tabby boy with his white socks and white inverted mask really knows how to win hearts with his perpetual innocent face!

Photo of Palette by Furry Photos

Photo of Palette by Furry Photos

He has dark red colouring most prominent on his back, and a long tail. Mackerel tabby markings on his legs and face. 

He likes to talk, meowing to us when he wants something! He enjoys the companionship of humans and is outgoing. He likes hanging out with other cats of any age, and is always snuggling up to Lana and Woody, his pen-mates. He doesn’t really enjoy enveloping hugs, prefers being cradled or snuggling into the crook of your arm. A laid back kitty who prefers to lounge around and cat nap or hang out next to you.

Palette lounging in the basket of the kitten pen
“I likes to snuggle with you.”

Want to adopt Palette?

How to adopt: Contact Elaine (90880675 / with answers to our questions for you, after reading through our Adoption Agreement, so we can arrange an appointment for you and your family to visit Palette at our foster home in Ubi.

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