Final round of TNR at Bendemeer construction site

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Last night we concluded bringing for sterilisation the remaining cats at the Bendemeer construction site where a government building is being erected. We trapped a total of 5 cats. They will be returned to the site tomorrow after their sterilisation operations today.

Trap placed at the gate, waiting for cats to exit
Trap placed near debris where some cats hid

We spotted 2 other cats that were not neutered but they were extremely difficult to trap and unwilling to come out from areas that humans could not access. 1 of them hid amongst the construction debris and the other went back inside the construction site – gates were closed – and refused to eat the Fussie Cat food in the traps. 

We discovered most of the returned neutered cats hung out at the second gate of the construction site, but 1 cat was spotted there, not neutered. He was okay with being handled and we managed to trap him.

1 of the neutered cats at the 2nd gate

The only un-neutered cat at the 2nd gate

We didn’t see any cats under the flyover across the site, and even went behind the bushes in the dark to scope out if they were hiding there. The cats here do cross the road to enter the construction site, or they may have left the site altogether. If so, they are less in danger now from construction accidents.

Here are the 5 cats trapped on Sunday.

Black friendly male
Calico, still kitten, mature for neutering
Ginger/white longhair

Damy is still processing our bill for this TNRM round at Bendemeer’s construction site but we should have some left over after in our Sterilisation to top up some funds needed for our next TNRM project at Eunos Crescent at least for the first round.

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