Fundraising Appeal for our Sterilisation Fund

To all of you who have financially contributed to our Love Kuching finances before, we are extremely thankful and encouraged by your gesture. Without your financial support, much of what we do – sterilisation of strays, fostering of rescued cats, providing veterinary care for foster cats in need – will not be possible. Many of your donations came in even when we did not publicly appeal for major needs, and have stemmed entirely out of your love for cats and sincere support of our work.

As of today, our Sterilisation Fund is at $580, which after one more round of TNR at Bendemeer’s construction site, will be insufficient for us to continue in our next project.

The main factor for this current shortfall in our Sterilisation Fund is because Cat Welfare’s sterilisation reimbursement cheques now come in only once in two months, instead of monthly as before. This means that in between these reimbursements, we will have a shortage of funds to carry out sterilisation projects month-to-month.

We need your help.

If you can contribute financially towards our Sterilisation Fund to help us in the current shortfall, do make a direct deposit to our bank account POSB savings 188-52652-7 and notify Elaine at 90880675 or that you have made a contribution towards the Sterilisation Fund. If you would like a donation receipt to be mailed to you please also furnish us with your mailing address.

Our next project, also commencing this month – we are aiming to double our monthly sterilisation numbers in 2011 – will be at Eunos Crescent. This estate suffers from constant, repeated cat dumping by nearby cat hoarders and home cat owners who don’t sterilise, and is under close scrutiny by the Town Council. TNRM at Eunos Crescent will be a huge project as the estate consists of about 25 blocks, and a preliminary cat count has reported 20 or more newly abandoned un-sterilised cats already, just at 2 blocks alone. We will be doing an official reconnaissance this Friday evening with the main caregiver of this estate, Lynn, and will report more after.

Thank you once again for supporting our work at Love Kuching.

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