Kit – abandoned kitten found in Joo Chiat

Melissa (@kitsune_shoujo) returned home close to midnight on Thursday only to find a beautiful tricoloured kitten all by herself at the restaurant near her home. Melissa is an active foster parent to rescue cats but Kit, being only 4 weeks old, needed to be fed wet food throughout the day; something that Melissa’s work commitments these 2 weeks just cannot permit.

So, pretty Kit is now at our foster home, pen-mates with Joey and Wes.

Pretty face
Her tricolour markings
Exploring our couch

Kit is an active, vocal girl, who is headstrong and intelligent. She likes company, meows in a cute husky-toned way, and loves to play and climb. She is healthy and has been dewormed. However, she is still unable to eat dry food on its own and needs to be fed canned food with moistened kibbles throughout the day, and hasn’t yet learned how to drink water on her own well. She will be ready for adoption when she has become more independent.

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