#pawcircle for Palette and his adopters

We heard from the Woody and Palette’s adopters today that Palette faded and passed away this morning in his new home.

Palette had poor appetite when he went to his new home, and subsequently diarrhoea. Mark and Chiu Yen brought him to The Animal Clinic (Clementi) and the vet administrated antibiotics via injection and another jab for his diarrhoea. He was given kaolin which the adopters administered 3 times a day, and syringe-fed him in the meanwhile. Last night, he was still doing okay. We advised the adopters to rush him to the vet again if he either became cold (hypothermia) or started running a fever. Palette showed no signs of body temperature irregularity.

Palette showed signs of poor appetite when he first came to our foster home but he picked up and became well, greedy too. We believe that the stress of a new environment suppressed his immune system when he went to his new home. Kittens below 3 months of age are still shedding their mother’s antibodies and building their own, hence any kitten in this age range are always liable to sudden onset of illness and death.

Have collated here the condolences that just came in for Palette via our Twitter account which I have emailed to Mark and Chiu Yen who are still coping with the loss as new cat owners on their own.

Woody is doing well. Have advised Mark that if they worry about Woody getting any kind of contagious feline disease to bring a fecal sample they have of Palette and get Woody tested for any serious illness.

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