Update from Wine and Seven!

Fiza updated us on Wine and Seven, now named Crystal and Diamond respectively!

Wine (Crystal) no longer has bloating in her tummy, and her constipation has not returned – now pooing well! When Seven (Diamond) was still in our foster home, he had an allergic reaction to the seafood content in the new Nutripe Chicken (mussel powder). We took him off the Nutripe, administered antihistamines and spirulina (good for allergies) and passed the information on to Fiza. He has not had any puffy face or squinty eyes from food allergies since then! We are glad to hear that both are getting better!

They will be going to the vet this Thursday to get their vet-checks just to be sure.

Here are some pics of them in their new home!

Kitten entertainment centre!

Exploring their new bed
Playing together

Drinking kitten milk
Sleeping together

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