Update on kittens rescued at Eunos Crescent Blk25

Update 21 March 2011: The full vet bill sums have been sponsored by Sue. We would like to thank her for her generosity and continual support of our work.

When we visited the cat colony at Eunos Crescent last Friday together with the caregiver of the estate, Lynn, 2 kittens were found at Blk 25 in severe need of veterinary attention and foster care. We had no boarding space for them so Lynn brought them to the vet, and she and another fosterer are caring for them in their own homes at the moment.

Black/white with infected tail and intestinal worms

Tortoiseshell with conjunctivitis

Both kittens were hospitalised at Joyous Vet and have just been discharged.

The black and white kitten is still eliminating a lot of dead worms every day after being dewormed, and is still having severe diarrhoea and needs daily medication. The skin infection on his rear end needs cleaning with antiseptic daily to prevent a secondary infection or abscesses from forming.

The tortoiseshell kitten’s conjunctivitis has improved but she likely has permanent cornea damage. She is also still very weak, with poor appetite, and still very much on the verge of fading.

For those of you who would like to help out with the veterinary expenses that the caregiver Lynn paid for the kittens, here are the veterinary bills and how you can contribute.

Black and white kitten’s veterinary bill – $100.25

Tortoiseshell kitten’s veterinary bill – $137.80

How you can help:

If you would like to help share the veterinary expenses of the 2 kittens, here is how you can contribute.

Make a contribution to Lynn’s bank account DBS savings plus 052-2-017750 and write an email to Lynn at lynnlam@catwelfare.org CC elaine@lovekuchingproject.org with the amount contributed. We will close the appeal for veterinary funds for these 2 kittens when donations have covered the amount spent at the vet on them, and report on the total funds raised for their case on our blog.

Because the kittens are not in Love Kuching’s custody please do not deposit the veterinary donation for them into our Love Kuching bank account as Lynn was the one who paid for their veterinary expenses.

We are also hoping for volunteers to help foster the kittens because the current rescue cat load on Lynn is even higher than ours at Love Kuching. If you are keen on fostering either of these 2 kittens, please contact Lynn.

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