Yesterday’s new arrival – Rainy

Yesterday we got a call from Jason who found a kitten on a grass patch in the rain, by himself with no mother in sight, in Bukit Panjang. Suspected abandonment case because the strays in that area are neutered and there is no nearby nursing mother or siblings.

We are extremely overcrowded right now but Rainy is only 3 weeks old and unable to eat. He is also not very strong – though his meow is quite powerhouse! – and is having diarrhoea as well.

We got MaryLou to foster him and he started drinking, but still meowed a lot in between suckling on MaryLou. He is about the same size as Simone – who is doing well.

After one day of being with us, he is still meowing a lot. Also, we suspect MaryLou may be giving up on Rainy because he is unwell, she hasn’t been keeping him very clean whereas Simone is always nicely fed and clean.

Tonight, we noticed he was getting weak. Hypothermia, and unable to walk well. Also, he is having bouts of weird jerking motions that resemble convulsions. 

We started supplementing him with extra kitten milk added with CoQ10 and glucose, and probiotics for his diarrhoea. He is now being warmed up with a hot water bottle and towels.

Supplementing his foster mother’s feeds

Warming him up with towels and hot water bottle

Will have to bring him to the vet tomorrow. Have recorded the fits he gets (resembles hiccups, no foaming at mouth like with convulsions) so that can show the video to the vet. Now just need to monitor him through the night.

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