Bamboo, Berry and Barley

Mary Lou’s 3 kittens are 7 weeks old this week! They are super active and love to play and here are some pics and videos of them during a hilariously poor attempt on our part on trying to take their pictures – they are really playful and wouldn’t keep still!

The kittens were born in a carrier when their mom Mary Lou was supposed to be sent for neutering from a TNRM project back in February at Bendemeer Blk 45 together with the other cats from her colony. After finding out that Mary Lou was pregnant and had given birth we took the kittens and their mother in from the moment they were born, as kittens should not be separated from their mother. Mary Lou will be neutered and returned to Bendemeer when she stops lactating as she is currently foster-mothering 2 rescues Simone and Rainy.

Bamboo, Berry and Barley are now fully weaned and able to eat dry food on its own, dewormed, litter-trained, have been vet-cleared of illness and are healthy.They did have slight flu’ when they were 3 weeks old but it cleared up within days when we put them on topical eye medication, nutraceutical supplements and herbal flu’ remedy. Having been on mother’s milk they are healthier than orphan kittens.

They are good friends with one another and with their pen-mates Wes and Kit who are also up for adoption.

Update: Bamboo, featured below, has already been adopted.
This is Bamboo, male ticked tabby with mid-length tail. He has a cute brick-red heart-shaped nose, and has light mackerel tabby stripes on his legs.  He is the most vocal of all his siblings, and loves to follow us around, enjoys human companionship a lot. We used to call him Baby Tabby –

Bamboo at 2-3 days old
Bamboo at 7 weeks old

This is Berry, black male with long tail that has a cute kink. His colouring is a rarity – he is fully black with no white spots, a prized virtue in black cats. He loves play-wrestling with other kittens, also loves to meow at us and is very docile. We used to name him Baby Black.

Berry at 2-3 days old with his mom Mary Lou

He is more cooperative with taking pictures but we still had to hold him down to get a good facial shot.

Berry at 7 weeks old

Berry’s cute kinked tail
Loves to play with toys (and other kittens)

This is Barley, female black with white kitten, whom we used to call Baby Tux because of her bicolour pattern. She is the smartest of the 3, learned to eat solid food before her siblings did and is thus bigger in size than her brothers. She is a bit more reserved and quieter than her brothers and is more independent – she loves to explore things on her own and gives way to her pen-mates and siblings. Resembles our Sayang (cat mascot on top of the blog page) not just in colouring but in personality!

Barley at 2-3 days old
Barley at 7 weeks old
Mid-length tail with kink at end
Pretty, and very alert! – Intelligent cat!
Thinks she’s human – standing on 2 feet!

More pictures of Barley taken on 17 May 2011 here

Eventually we called in an expert to capture them on camera, Furry Photos.

Barley, always alert for playtime!

Close up of pretty girl Barley

Berry and his brother Bamboo who has since been adopted

Berry about to pounce

Berry’s cute tail

Berry’s super glossy coat

All of them are ready for adoption and are now looking for forever homes. If you would like to adopt Bamboo, Berry or Barley read here on how to adopt or see right-side bar under ‘How to adopt’ to find out which documents you need to read before contacting us and reply us with via email or over the phone 90880675.If you can’t adopt, do spread the word to help them find loving permanent homes!

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