Echo from Bukit Panjang

@EdmondChua found Echo, a 4 week old tortoiseshell kitten, last night, with bad cat flu’ symptoms. She was alone, no mother in sight, and all the strays in that area of Bukit Panjang are neutered, so we suspect she is either abandoned or from a new stray mother cat in the area that hasn’t been spotted yet. Edmond brought her to us today and we have quarantined her in a carrier covered with a blanket to prevent contagion.

Echo’s flu’ is quite bad, conjunctivitis has affected her right eye and it is being treated with Terramycin antibiotic eye medication and regular cleaning with a moist cotton pad to allow the eye to breathe. She is also on a course of Vibravet antibiotics for flu’. Upon listening to her lungs and breathing there are signs of mucous in her respiratory tract so she will also have to be on Bromhexine anti-mucolytic. We have also put her on a herbal flu’ remedy and nutraceutical supplements (lysine, vitamin B and vitamin C), and diffusing eucalyptus essential oil for her in the foster lounge.

Echo, photo courtesy of Furry Photos

It is too soon to tell if her eye will fully recover. She takes her medication well, and still has appetite to eat her food which is a good sign. She is active, vocal and able to use her litter box which means that she still has a fighting chance against the flu’. Will update on her rehabilitation.

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