Eunos Crescent Blk 1 TNRM round 1 report

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On Thursday night, we trapped 9 cats from Blk 1 Eunos Crescent for neutering. All 9 cats have been neutered and returned to the site. The total cost for this round of TNR cost $500.

Our initial cat count of the unsterilised cats in this colony was 16 cats, but the cat count on Thursday night yields definitely more than 16. A second round of TNRM is tentatively scheduled for next Thursday night at the same time 10pm (to be confirmed) and a third round may be necessary to complete sterilisation of the entire colony. 

This area of Eunos Crescent has seen a lot of new cats through abandonment, hence the high population of unsterilised cats. The feeders are itinerant and plentiful at various times; we stopped 2 feeders from feeding the cats that night, sharing with them that we were doing trapping for sterilisation.

The residents of Blks 1 and 2 also tend to throw a lot of killer letter, including food scraps. The car park where the cats congregate is strewn with litter –

Car park of Eunos Crescent Blk 1

During previous TNRM rounds did at this spot by caregiver Lynn in the evenings, a lot of killer litter was thrown at her and Damy during trapping – pork ribs, limes were thrown on their persons and on Damy’s van. On Thursday at 10pm there was no killer-littering in progress so we will be doing the next round at the same time slot to avoid human injury.

The cats here are used to eating food scraps thrown by the residents from their windows and from the coffee shop nearby at Blk 1A, so we brought fried chicken alongside Fussie Cat canned food to lure the cats into the traps. The cats don’t gather in throngs to eat together so trapping the cats singly was easy.

(Fried chicken was in that paper bag…)

Setting up traps in the car park

Blanket covered trapped cat

Here are the 9 cats we trapped and neutered –








White with grey


Thank you to all who contributed! More cats will be neutered in Eunos Crescent next week!

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