Joey ‘back on rehab’

7 week old Joey developed a skin infection yesterday around her abdomen, which we attended to with antiseptic lotion and antibacterial/steroidal ointment. She was on the Adoption Alert but will now be back on rehabilitation and only be ready for adoption again when she gets better.

Her skin problem is like something we never saw before so we brought her to the vet to get it checked. Under black light inspection no parasites were found so it is neither fleas, mites or ringworm. It isn’t an abscess either, nor is it caused by allergies. The vet diagnosed a bacterial skin infection that may be because Joey has a weaker immune system than the others – she used to get itchy eyes too when she was on canned food only and got food on herself very often. Her pen-mates also like to play-bite her and she doesn’t stop them because she is very easy-going, and we can’t intervene all the time when they do that because there are 6 of them sharing a pen – 6 is the maximum threshold of our pen occupancy. It is a bit discouraging that despite supplements, regular cleaning and disinfecting of their pen and grooming that Joey still developed a skin problem.

Joey is now on Sporidex antibiotics for the next 2 weeks and to continue topical treatment with the Combiderm antibiotic/steroidal ointment. Just showered her with peroxide shampoo which aids healing of skin problems. She has always been very cooperative with grooming so application of medication is easy with her even though her skin hurts when we touch the sore infected area. We have also put her outside to free-roam our foster home so that the overcrowding doesn’t exacerbate her skin condition from the other kittens play-biting her.

Hanging out in the foster lounge

Still alert, and active too!

She will continue to be on her daily supplements of Lysinium Max (vitamin B complex and lysine), colostrum and probiotics which all the kittens have been on since Rainy got sick last week, but will be adding antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E and selenium) to her nutraceutical supplement regime now to aid healing.

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