Joey back up for adoption!

Joey has recovered from her bacterial skin infection from 2 weeks ago and is a-okay now, looking for a forever home!

Joey was rescued when she was 3 weeks old from a rubbish bin in Jurong West, together with her siblings. She was fostered by a mother cat in our custody then, Mary Lou, thereafter weaned and litter trained. Her sister Junie was the runt and did not recover from a hookworm infection even after they were dewormed, and her brother Wes was adopted this month.

2 weeks ago, Joey was found to have a skin problem on her abdomen and was brought to the vet. It was diagnosed as a bacterial skin infection that was caused by conjoining factors of her – then – slightly weaker immunity and from the other kittens in the pen play-biting her. Joey went on a course of antibiotics and topical skin treatment, as well as supplements of vitamins and colostrum to aid healing and boost her immunity. She was also separated from the other kittens, and she steadily put on weight, became healthier, and her skin started to keep improving.

Today, Joey went back to the vet for a check up and her first booster jab. She has been declared healthy and recovered and received her first vaccination!

Joey is a very sweet-natured girl – she purrs when being cuddled, doesn’t ask for too much attention, has a quiet meow when asking for food, is very likable by other kittens, and gets along with adult cats. She enjoys playing on her own or with other cats, or just lounging at her favourite spot which for now is the carpeted base of our kitten scratching post. She is very smart – the minute we let her free-roam, she knew where to eat and drink from at our cats’ feeding station, and which litter box to use – she enjoys using the hooded one in our foster lounge meant for free-roaming foster cats like her!

Joey is now 9 weeks old, dewormed, and on a diet of Taste of the Wild.

To adopt Joey, read here or see right side bar under ‘How to adopt’ to know about our adoption process.

Photos in the adoption posting courtesy of Furry Photos.

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