Sterilisation KPIs – 2010 vs Q1 2011

Our last KPI report on 2010 was regarding boarding rescue cats and adoption rates. Now we present to you our KPI report on 2010’s stray cat sterilisation and those numbers in the first 3 months of 2011.

In 2010, we sterilised a total of 123 stray cats from various estates. That averages to 10.25 cats per month. Going forward in 2011 we put to paper that we want to stretch to double that amount in 2011. This we aim to achieve by the recruitment of Sterilisation Volunteers, and so far we have done so. Our Sterilisation Volunteer LY is currently on holiday but has already undergone OJT at sites such as Bendemeer construction site and Eunos Crescent.

In 2011 for the first quarter we neutered 41 stray cats, 33 cats from March alone with our Sterilisation Volunteer’s help as that is when her OJT started. On average this is 13.7 cats per month, which is an increase from last year’s KPI, but not double. We did not do any sterilisation in January as it was the month we took time out to regroup for the year 2011. Once we have fully integrated Sterilisation Volunteers we definitely aim to keep up with the increase in numbers of stray cats sterilised and stretch for the double in numbers. If we cannot meet the numbers – it is a good thing, because that means fewer colonies of stray cats are in dire need of TNRM.

We could not have done this without 3 contributing factors:

  1. Financial contributions from the public, i.e. you! Given that the bulk of our expenses goes to Sterilisation Expenses this means that we could not have done it without your financial help.
  2. Cat Welfare Society’s Sterilisation Reimbursements – have you become a member of CWS yet? Don’t wait any longer! Your financial contribution makes a difference to cats nationwide!
  3. Vigilant members of the community pointing out critical sterilisation needs in cat colonies that we can help out in.

Coming up soon – 2011 Q1 Income and Expenses – with some new initiatives regarding our our various partition funds.

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