Sunday’s new arrival, Jay

Jay was found abandoned at a void deck in Hougang, all by himself. One of our donors, Catherine, found him and fostered him for a day before bringing him to us. She showered him and fed a very hungry Jay canned food.

Jay is a handsome semi-longhaired white and blue male kitten, about 10 weeks of age. He is healthy, was vaccinated today, vet-cleared of illness. He has also been dewormed and has no parasites.


For the past few days, we taught Jay to socialise with other kittens – he was initially very alpha, hissing at every cat, only liking humans – which leads us to feel he is an abandoned house kitten. Now he gets along with his pen mates, has learned to drink water and eat dry food on its own, and has learned to use the litter box well.

He is a very vocal, very affectionate kitten. He loves to meow at humans for attention and enjoys sleeping next to us and giving us nose kisses. He has also learned to get along with adult cats and learned to share his food with other cats.

Being semi-longhaired, we think he knows he has pedigree lineage – he poses very well for pictures and enjoys being brushed during grooming.

Sly charmer, this boy!

“I has good posture, is royal cat!”

Nice puffy blue tail

More pictures of Jay taken on 17 May 2011 here

If you would like to adopt Jay, kindly see here on how to adopt or see right side bar under ‘How to adopt’ for information on our adoption process.

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