TNRM at Eunos Crescent – Blk 1 & 1A – round 1 tomorrow night

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Thanks to all who contributed, we successfully neutered 16 cats and sent 2 neutered strays for ear-tips from Blk 25 of Eunos Crescent and its surrounding area’s colonies of cats last month, and spent a total of $855 from our Sterilisation Fund for this block.

This month we will be working on conducting TNRM at Blks 1 & 1A of Eunos Crescent which is near the Eunos MRT station. We have $895 left to neuter the 16 or more cats counted at this site. The first round is taking place tomorrow Thursday 7 April at 10pm. Follow our tweets for live on-the-ground updates tomorrow night from Eunos!

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