TNRM reconnaissance at Lavender

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Colony of 9 un-neutered cats behind Lavender MRT

We received word that there was a group of un-neutered cats in Lavender that needed sterilisation as the elderly cat feeder is unable to neuter all the cats at one go. Our Sterilisation Volunteer LY went down to take a look at the situation and touch base with the feeder.

4 cats were found at this construction debris site –

There is one more cat here but he eluded the camera – he is a black cat with a handicapped leg, unable to walk. His sibling was also the same, unable to walk, and was killed in a car accident.

Nearby shophouses – sighted 3 unsterilised cats and 1 kitten. 

One of the cats, a white one, was hiding under a car and refused to come out for a picture. The cats here are quite scared of humans. The cat feeder will have to halt feeding for 2 days before we do trapping else getting them for neutering will be very difficult.

There is a hoarded up gated area nearby where 4 un-neutered cats reside, 2 came out from behind the gates – 

Across the road from these gates, another unsterilised cat was spotted – 

This brings the cat colony count to about 12 cats, if the 4 cats that eluded the cameras are untrappable, that still leaves 8 cats to neuter. There is also a roaming sterilised cat around here that will need an ear-tip (he was neutered by a caregiver from long ago).

How you can help:

In order for us to carry out this TNRM project in May, we need your help. We are low on our Sterilisation Fund after carrying out our last TNRM project in Eunos Crescent. To neuter these 12 cats in the outlined map area above, assuming an equal male-female ratio, we need another $600 more. For the colony of 8 cats residing nearby at the supermarket, we will need another $450 more.

We need your help. No amount is too small. To make a financial contribution for the TNRM of these Lavender cats, please make a bank transfer to our Love Kuching account POSB Savings 188-52652-7 and contact Elaine 90880675 / to indicate that your contribution is for our Sterilisation Fund.

Thank you for making the welfare of these cats possible.

NB: For the injured black cat with walking issue, he may need veterinary attention. If you specifically would like us to oversee his veterinary attention and are willing to help cover the cost, we can bring him for a vet consult. If no funds are available we will be neutering him and putting him back on the street.

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