#adopt Wanna take Rainy home?

“Meow! Am looking for human!”

Rainy is our miracle foster kitten. She (yes, confirmed is female, not male as initially suspected) came to us rescued from Bukit Panjang alone in a rain, when was 3 weeks old. She then fell ill with suspected toxoplasmosis and went on a 3 week course of antibiotics, visiting the vet twice. We pumped up her immunity with supplements and her symptoms never recurred.

Subsequently, Rainy’s pen mates fell ill with flu’. Amazingly, Rainy didn’t get it. She is really a miracle kitty.

Today, Rainy went for her first booster jab. She remains a bit of a runt, a ‘teacup’ cat, so only needed half a dose of the vaccination. Vet checked – all clear. Rainy is a survivor!

“Yes, I know I’m cute. ^_^”

We upgraded her to the older kittens’ pen and allowed her more kitty-play-time with the other kitties who are allowed to free-roam. Through spending more time with her and observing her socialisation with the other cats, we got to know her personality better.

Rainy loves human affection. She likes to talk to us and gets along well with older kitties. She prefers being cuddled or lounging at her favourite areas, but she also obliges and plays with her foster siblings.

She has a ticked tabby and white coat with a long tail-

Side profile!

And she has this awesome baby face that totally matches her personality – she is so easy to handle for any kind of kitty necessities, from supplements and medication when she was young, to grooming and such.

Rainy baby

Rainy is litter trained, able to eat dry food on its own, on Revolution Pink, dewormed, vet-checked and vaccinated.

If you would like to adopt Rainy, do take a look at our ‘How to adopt‘ column on the right side bar or see here.

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