Barley, Rainy and Kit on rehab for 5 days

After their booster jabs on Wednesday, Barley, Rainy and Kit started having post-vaccination diarrhoea. Vaccinations can sometimes cause symptoms of illness that force the cat’s immune system to build up against the diseases the cat is inoculated against.

We started treating their diarrhoea with medication – loperamide and kaolin, as well as probiotics, and herbal remedy of slippery elm bark. Their diarrhoea alleviated just a bit, and is not getting much better. We consulted with our vet today and she recommends putting them on antibiotics – we have Baytril on hand and she advised us the dosage. These 3 kitties will need to be on Baytril antibiotics for the next 5 days, today inclusive.

As such, they will not be available for adoption until they have rehabilitated unless an adopter wishes to follow up on own by bringing the kitten to the vet to obtain the medications and provide the home care needed.

We are hoping these 3 recover soon.

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