Bree’s kittens – now 8 weeks old!

Here are Brulee, Bran and Banana!

When they were first born

With their mother, Bree

At 3 weeks old, taken by Furry Photos

With their pen mates

At 3 weeks, couldn’t tell who was who!

Then they had a bit of a rough time, because their pen mates Sierra and siblings came down with the flu’ and they caught it too. But their flu’ has mostly cleared up, now just need to monitor for any conjunctivitis, and continue them on a therapeutic diet consisting of herbal and nutraceutical supplements for immunity and flu’ remedy.

Here is Brulee, the only boy. He has a cute curly bobtail.

Brulee, the only boy

Very active, can’t sit still

Wanted to inspect the camera

This is Bran, his similarly coloured sister who has a mid-length tail. Also active –

Bran, cream coloured girl

Also quite active, need to hold her down for pic!

Couldn’t get her full-body pic without some assistance!

This is Banana, we call her Nana for short. She has the most mackerel tabby stripes and is reddish brown in colour, with a mid-length tail like her sister. She is the most reserved of the 3.

Familiarising her with touch

Still having a slightly sore eye

Her mackerel tabby stripes on her legs

The reddest of the 3

These 3 kitties are not available for adoption yet as their flu’ is still coming and going, and once that clears up, they will be going for their vaccinations as they are of age. Do take a look at our Adoption Alert on the right for the kittens available for adoption if you are keen to add a feline member to your family!

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