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Our Boarding Fund is still in a deficit, as at 20 May 2011, the deficit is of $185.19. We need your help. To those of you who have already given – a very big thank you.

Our recent purchases that plunged our Boarding Fund into the red are shown below:

Our POSB Savings Account statement – Debits column

We are currently halting the purchases of new boarding supplies and halting claims of purchases till we get back in the black. Current outstanding claim is for purchase of herbal supplements for flu’ and inflammation that our foster kittens such as Echo need to be on to adjunct pharmaceuticals as her eye is not getting better on pharmaceuticals alone, and her immunity needs boosting to prevent her flu’ from recurring. The purchase slip shown here – 

Note: Prices are in USD
Tumeric is an anti-inflammatory immune-booster, echinacea is for immunity used as part of flu’ remedy as well as for other kitten illnesses (hence we need a bought a big bottle of it), and the remaining are flu’ remedies that have run out. 

We have also been buying boarding supplies such as new litter tray for our ICU pen, new cleaning brush for pet bottles, but are not intending to claim these purchases for our Boarding Fund so as to ease the deficit. 

Supplies we need but are halting purchases due to the deficit are of Nutripe canned food and Revolution Pink. 

Nutripe is running low – the kittens are all on dry food but are served their supplements in canned food once daily. We have about 10 cans left and use about one and a half to 2 cans daily at our current threshold of 12 kittens.

We used up all our stock of Revolution Pink on 18 May 2011 because we found fleas. We always apply Revolution on all the foster kittens if one shows symptoms of fleas or mites. All the kittens currently in our foster home are already on Revolution Pink but the distributor tends to be out of stock often, so we believe in stocking up about 3-4 boxes at a time for emergencies. We don’t use Frontline because if we do use Frontline upon discovering fleas, then after that discover mites, we can’t apply Revolution anymore.

How you can help:

  • Make a cash contribution to our POSB Savings Account 188-52652-7 and SMS/call/email/DM us at 90880675/elaine@lovekuchingproject.org/@luvkuching.
  • Buy a The Water Dish Bundle D for the foster kittens – 24cans Nutripe Chicken at $55 which will be delivered to our foster home. Remote payment modes available.
  • Buy and deliver canned food for us on your own to donate to our foster cats. Apart from Nutripe Chicken, we also affirm formulas such as Addiction Brushtail, Natural Balance Chicken. (We feed poultry/fowl formulas only because some kittens either cannot digest fish or are allergic to seafood. Fish and seafood formulas are reserved only for those with flu’ and can’t smell well, or for new arrivals that are too stressed to eat. We still have those.) 
  • Buy Revolution Pink for us through The Water Dish – enquiries@thewaterdish.com.sg or Maxine at 9685 3929. Or buy and deliver on your own through your preferred supplier.

If you can help, we greatly appreciate your generosity. You can also help by spreading the word (click the share links below). Thank you!

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