Latest pictures of our kittens for adoption!

These kittens are still looking for their forever homes! If you are keen to adopt any of them, do take a look at our adoption procedure on the right side bar under ‘How to Adopt’. If you can’t adopt, do spread the word and help these rescued kittens find a home!

All the kittens are on solid dry food, litter-trained, dewormed, vaccinated and on Revolution. 

A bicoloured black and white girl who is very active, loves kitty companionship and play, very easy going and always up to mischievous hilarious kitty antics. She also likes to meow for attention especially when it is play- or food-time!

A very sweet pretty girl

Long tail

Doesn’t mind being handled

Pink nose leather

Jay (adopted)
A male bicoloured white and blue-tabby cross-Persian longhaired kitten who loves to lounge around and relax, play with kittens younger than him, loves to sit by you or on laps, and is very easy going with humans and cats alike.

Jay’s fluffy longhaired tail

Hates baths! Just after taking one here

Enjoys lounging around half-sleepily

His lovely blue and white colouring

Joey (adopted)
A bicoloured white and mackerel tabby girl with a long tail and huge round eyes. She is very affectionate, loves to cuddle with humans and enjoys both lounging around and play time alike. She is very considerate of other cats but when it comes to food, it’s Joey-eats-first!

Pretty Joey

Her big eyes

Her long tail, Oriental body shape

Joey with her BFF Kit trying to kay-poh

A tricoloured – white, red and mackerel tabby – girl with a long tail. She is slow to make friends but once she decides you are her best friend, she is loyally yours. She loves Joey the most, and our Sealy, followed by us the humans that she loves to meow awake in the mornings.

Kit’s gorgeous tri-colouring
Grooming herself

Can’t sit still for a head shot!

Hope you enjoyed the kitty-pics!

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  • Yes he was but had to return to us because Joleen's flatmate decided that she disapproved of a kitten even though she initially professed strong agreement with the adoption decision. Joleen decided it would be better to let Jay live in a house with happy humans who love him!

    We allow returns of kittens if the adoption does not work out, with no refund on the adoption fee. However, we do not encourage it because kittens will get stressed with environmental changes. Jay was checked for signs of stress and he was okay. Now chillaxing as I type this, as he always does!

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