Simone and her progress – with pictures!

Simone, rescued by Serene from Marsiling when she was 3 weeks old, has come a long way! Having been nursed by two foster moms, and thereafter weaned and litter-trained, she hasn’t always had it easy. When her pen mates fell ill with the flu’, she got it too, and it is now being treated with eye irrigation and medication as well as nutraceutical supplements and herbal flu’ remedy. She is still undergoing rehabilitation for the flu’ as it keeps recurring.

We took pictures of her today after a grooming session. But before that, let’s look at her when she was 4 weeks old, taken by Furry Photos

She is still being penned with Brulee et al, Tango & Winky, and her current foster mother Bree. Her previous pen-mate, Rainy, with whom she shared a pen with with her previous foster mother Mary Lou, has been upgraded to the Penthouse pen with Barley and gang. Simone misses her foster mother Bree too much and also still needs her care as she is weaker than Rainy.

Here she is, just turned 9 weeks old – very runt-like still – after grooming.

Her tricolouring. Can still spot a bit of inflamed eye.
Likes human affection
Grooming herself

She is still not ready for adoption yet, not until her flu’ is well and recovered and she can be viable for her vaccination. She also still needs a lot of supplements to boost her immunity and help her recover from the flu’ and be closely monitored so she can recover fully. It won’t be long till she is ready for her forever home!

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