TNRM at Lavender area on Thursday 5 May

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We conducted our first TNRM at the Lavender MRT area cat colony on 5 May. There are 3 micro-sites where the cats congregate.

The first micro-site is along Hamilton Road in an alley near a church.

Alley, filled with construction debris

One of the cats trapped in this micro-site

There is a black and white cat here, male, that has a genetic leg defect, and was unable to access the trap due to his handicap. He also looks unable to mate, so we left him there and neutered the females in this micro-site.

Cat with handicap

The second micro-site is along the shophouses on Hamilton Road. The cats’ carriers upon trapping were marked clearly with the unit numbers they were trapped from so they could be returned to the right territory after neutering.

Most of the cats here hide under cars
Spotted a not-yet-mature kitten here

The third micro-site along Tyrwhitt Road was the hardest to trap. There is an itinerant feeder here that the main feeder has been unable to touch base with. The cats here were already fed and could not be easily enticed into the traps.

Cats here hide behind this gate

There were 2 already sterilised cats also spotted here, so the population here is quite under control. One cat however is not tipped-ear, but he refused to come to the traps to let us bring him for an ear tip under sedation.

Neutered cat in abandoned house

Cat that didn’t want to scale down the gate

Here are the mug shots of the cats we successfully trapped for neutering. All the cats have been returned to their original locations. The total bill was $380.







For the rest of the cats that either eluded us or not yet mature for neutering, we have empowered the cat feeder to sterilise the cats on her own and gave her Damy’s contact (our cat trapper and transport for sterilisation of cats) to help her with continuing the caregiving for these cats.

There is also a cat colony according to the caregiver that resides behind a supermarket. We went to recce the place on the Saturday after our TNRM at this colony, but could not find the cats. We will have to continue to liaise with the caregiver with the help of our Sterilisation Volunteer LY to see if these cats need help with TNRM.

Thank you to all the cat-angels who contributed the funds making the sterilisation of these cats possible. We received word from the town council (for this area, Jalan Besar) that all tipped ear cats will not be accepted by pest control during culling. You have saved the lives of the tipped ear cats!

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