Update on the Spottiswood kittens

Update: Sierra passed away suddenly on 4 May 2011 in the afternoon. She suddenly meowed out in pain, had a faint heartbeat, and hypothermia. CPR did not revive her before we could rush her to the vet. 

These 3 baby kittens rescued by Janice from Spottiswood have just turned 6 weeks old. It hasn’t been an easy journey for them and here is the latest update on their rehabilitation, with pictures!

At 4 weeks old, taken by Furry Photos

Shortly after that picture was taken, one of them came down with flu’, and subsequently so did the others. We put them on nutraceutical and herbal supplements, as well as cleaned and attended to their inflamed eyes with Terramycin. Eventually, they got better. However, Winky, (the only boy among the three) saw his flu’ return last week. It wasn’t just conjunctivitis in his eyes this time but also with mucus and fluid in his respiratory tract, so we had to put him on Vibravet antibiotics and anti-mucolytic pharmaceuticals. Within a couple of days, his flu’ improved a lot! Here they are now at 6 weeks old.

Winky is first up in the kitty pic line up. His flu’ symptoms are no longer visible, but he remains the runt of the litter. Runts have a very poor survival rate so we are still monitoring him closely.

Eyes clear of discharge
Has long tail
Very small-sized

Next up are the girls, Tango and Sierra.

Tango –

Distinctive facial bicolouring
Cute white paws like her siblings!

Sierra –

Being ‘manhandled’!

And yes, we do have trouble telling them apart! But we have had to learn who was who because Winky is the only one needing antibiotics and is still on a course of it.

They are all still being nursed by their foster mom, Bree. They haven’t yet learned to use the litter box well – sometimes they even mistake Bree’s food bowl as the litter box! They do however eat the wet food we put out for them, but are not keen on eating kibbles like Bree’s own kittens have already experimented. It will still be quite a while more before they are viable for adoption, especially for Winky who is still under ‘intensive-care’.

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